Mobile Banking

Bank smarter. Anywhere you go


Now you can access your LGE accounts directly from your cell phone! We offer two convenient choices.

Visit on your mobile device and log in as you would on your computer. Or download one of our user-friendly Apps, which give you all of the benefits of Mobile Banking. Click here to check your browser compatibility.

Click here for more FAQs and additional information about our Digital Banking services.

Mobile Banking and Apps allow you to:

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills in a flash
  • Schedule payments
  • Deposit checks using our Apps
  • And much more!

Locked Out Of Your Account

If you accidentally lock yourself out of Mobile Banking or an App, you are also locked out of Online Banking. Access will freeze after three failed Password attempts and will need to be unfrozen before you will be able to reset your access. If you use a temporary Password, you need to use it in Online Banking first before logging in via Mobile Banking or an App using the newly chosen Password.

Mobile Banking Apps

LGE's Apps are available for Android, iPhone or iPad devices. For security purposes, download mobile applications from Google and Apple only. Any other source is unauthorized, may compromise your device, and/or lead to fraud against your accounts.

Download Android App

Download Apple App    

Snap Deposit

Snap Deposit offers the convenience to deposit a check from anywhere! To use Snap Deposit, you will need to download the LGE Mobile App.

How to use Snap Deposit:

  • Log in to your account via the App using your Online Banking User ID and Password
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions (only upon initial log in)
  • Choose Snap Deposit from the menu
  • Select the account to receive the deposit
  • Enter the amount of your check
  • Take pictures of the front and back of your check (refer to Terms and Conditions for restrictive endorsement requirements)
  • Submit the check for deposit

Account eligibility requirements apply. If eligibility is not met, a message will appear. For funds availability refer to Membership and Account Agreement and Commercial Account Agreement.


Helpful Tips

  • Mobile capture: the basics
    • Using your smartphone’s camera, you will be taking two photographs - one of the front and one of the back of a physical check - which you will then submit digitally for processing into the account of your choosing. Note: Even though digital check images will take on the dollar value of the physical check, please make sure to hold onto the check itself for 60 days before securely destroying, just in case something happens during processing.

  • Taking the photographs
    • First, make sure the front and back of the check are endorsed.
    • Be careful not to write over the MICR number at the bottom of the check. Obscuring this number could render it impossible to process by mobile device.
    • When you are taking a picture of the check, do not get too close to the check itself. Try to leave enough space, about an inch from the corner to the edge of the camera viewer.
    • If the check is light in color, place it on a dark background; if the check is a dark color, place it on a light background.
  • On an iOS device
    • You will take the two photographs one at a time. You tap on the black squares to bring up the camera start taking photographs of the front and back of the check.
    • When actually taking the photograph, you will want to allow the automatic focus to engage before you take the photo. You will see an electric blue square appear and settle, bringing the image into focus. It is then you should try to take the photograph of the check.
    • Notice the thumbnails of the captured check images when you’re ready to submit the deposit. Tap on either of the images to re-take them. You can also adjust the brightness of the photo if it appears too dark.

  • On an Android device
    • You press the green Capture button to start taking the photos. You then press the “Take Picture of Check Front” button on the right edge of the camera viewer. Pressing this will take the photo, and the button will then automatically change to the “Take Picture of Check Back.” You take the photographs all in one go.
    • The Android device will focus the image automatically when you press the button to take the photograph. So, no need to focus the app beforehand.
    • Notice the thumbnails of the captured check images when you’re ready to submit the deposit. Tap on either of the images to re-take them.