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Cyber Readiness

Free Resources to Help Small-to-Medium Businesses Improve Cybersecurity

LGE Community Credit Union is a proud Champion of the Cyber Readiness Program from the Cyber Readiness Institute. The Cyber Readiness Program is a practical, step-by-step guide to help small and medium-sized businesses become cyber ready. Completing the Program will make your organization safer, more secure, and stronger in the face of cyber threats. If you're unsure if the Cyber Readiness Program is right for you, the Cyber Readiness Starter Kit is a good place to start.

 Access the Cyber Readiness Starter Kit       Join the Cyber Readiness Program

Cyber Readiness Defined

Cyber readiness focuses on preventative measures an organization can take, and the actions it should execute when an incident occurs.

Why Cyber Readiness Matters
  • Damage from a Breach can include: financial loss, reputational damage, loss of IP personal data.
  • Cyber readiness can confer a competitive advantage as a partner or supplier, reduce down time, ensure IP and other assets are safe.
  • When small and medium-sized businesses are cyber ready, value chains are more secure.
What the Program Includes

Online Guidance

Improve your cyber readiness with the 5-stage Program, where you will receive guidance and tips from experts. The platform makes it easy to track your progress and move at your own pace. When you finish the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Resources & Tools

Access resources in each stage to help you create a culture of cyber readiness in your workplace. Download posters, policies, training materials and more to build a cyber ready organization.

Think you're cyber savvy? Take the quiz.