Shared Branching

Service Centers

Effective December 31, 2017, LGE terminated its participation in Shared Branching. This means members no longer have access to the CO-OP Shared Branch network to perform transactions on your LGE accounts. However, you still have access to the CO-OP ATM network, in addition to other shared ATM network options. If you are unable to visit an LGE location for your transaction needs, click here for other ways that are available to conduct transactions on your LGE account.

Why did LGE terminate participation in the CO-OP Shared Branching network?

With the rise of technology, the use of the Shared Branching services by LGE members has declined. We’ve been hard at work implementing ways for our members to complete LGE transactions from virtually anywhere, keeping in mind our members that may not be able to make it to one of our financial center locations.